Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Review

Ultimate Dreams Latex MattressGet the ultimate sleeping experience with an Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress by DreamFoam Bedding. Find the full range available to buy on this page with reviews of the best models.

Ultimate Dreams are making a storm in the non-premium priced memory foam mattress and latex foam mattress market with their range of high quality sleeping solutions.

Not to be outdone, they are right on top of the latest memory foam and gel combined mattress technology to ensure their mattresses truly deliver a sleeping experience worthy of the name Ultimate Dreams!

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Ultra Plush

Ultimate Dreams Latex MattressThe Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Ultra Plush is a great choice for people looking for a mattress made from latex, either because they have a personal preference for latex or have a problem with memory foam.

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This is the existing bestselling bestselling DreamFoam Bedding mattress before the creation of the next generation gel combined memory foam mattress mattress above.

This 10″ Ultra Plush Latex Mattress with Bamboo Cover consists of 3″ of talalay latex, with 1.5″ of super soft reflex foam, and 5.5″ of 2.35lb high density HR Base foam.

Talalay latex is naturally sources as well as being naturally hypoallergenic. It is also resistant to dust-mites, and also antimicrobial.

These mattresses are made to order and DreamFoam Bedding customer support will contact you via email after purchase to discuss a suitable firmness level for you to have with your mattress.

This model is very well loved by customers.

Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress

DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Ultimate Dreams 13 Gel Memory Foam MattressIf you do not specifically require the mattress to be made with latex foam, then another popular choice in the DreamFoam Bedding range is the Ultimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam Mattress. The DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress combines the newest technological development in the memory foam mattress market – combining gel technology with the well known comfort and support of memory foam.

If you are not familiar with memory foam mattresses, their popularity lies in their ability to comfortably minimize pressure points within the body, to relieve pain and discomfort and reduce association tossing and turning during the night for a better quality rest and sleep.

By combining gel and memory foam, the DreamFoam Mattress provides the ultimate in comfort from both the memory foam and gel, while the gel also does a great job of keeping the mattress temperature more comfortable, overcoming the main criticism of memory foam mattresses becoming too warm.

The mattress is made from 3 different layers. You get a very generous 3″ of 4lb gel memory foam, plus a further 2″ of 5lb memory foam, and a supporting 8″ premium base foam.

If you are concerned about where products are made and want to directly support the US economy by buying products made within the US, you will love to know that DreamFoam bedding are proud to boast that all their mattresses are 100% US made from 100% USA made components!

DreamFoam Bedding are also proud to boast that this mattress compares to the Tempur Cloud Luxe mattress at a very attractive and affordable fraction of the cost! The customer reviews agree with the quality and value too.

For a softer, cooler, and more comfortable and conforming feel that beats traditional memory foam mattresses and compares to the premium priced Cloud Luxe mattress, this is the mattress for you.

Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress vs Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Wondering which of the two mattresses to get?

First of all do you have any sensitivity to synthetic memory foam material? Some people are especially sensitive to the chemical smell that a fresh memory foam mattress will give off until it has thoroughly aired out.

For most people this smell is not strong enough to irritate – if it was then memory foam mattresses obviously wouldn’t be as popular as they are, but if you’ve never had one before, do note that the smell can take from days to weeks to full disappear.

Some sensitive people tackle the issue by putting their mattress in a mattress protector.

The next question to ask is do you need a thick mattress? The gel mattress has a very generous 13″ thickness to comfortably support most weights of people. The latex mattress is 3 inches thinner at 10″!

The gel technology inclusion in the memory foam mattress serves two purposes, it makes the memory foam mattress more comfortable to sleep on than regular memory foam mattresses and it helps eliminate a previously known problem with memory foams natural tendency to lock in heat, which may be fine in Winter, but not in summer. The gel helps regulate the temperature and customers that are familiar with memory foam mattresses are very keenly taking advantage of these new gel memory foam mattresses.

So long as you have the budget and can tolerate the smell a freshly unwrapped memory foam mattress will emit or if you are heavier than average, then go for the gel memory foam mattress, otherwise opt for the latex foam mattress.

Unpacking your Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress

This video shows two customers unpacking their mattress from its vacuum packed state. Observe how the mattress quickly expands to its full thickness. However, do unpack your mattress early in the day to allow it maximum time to fully expand and air out before sleeping on it for best results.

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