Ultimate Dreams Gel Foam Mattress By DreamFoam Bedding Review

DreamFoam Bedding ReviewDreamFoam Bedding, Phoenix makes the popular Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress and the popular new Ultimate Dreams gel memory foam mattress. Coming from a decade long experience as a retailer of mattresses, they have used their knowledge and experience to start making and selling their own mattresses. In this DreamForam Bedding review, we’ll take a look at the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress.

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Their Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress is one of the most popular latex foam mattresses on Amazon with hundreds of customer reviews.

On this page we take a closer look at that mattress as well as the newer gel memory foam mattress.

DreamFoam Bedding Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams DreamFoam Bedding Review

Ultimate Dreams Latex MattressThe Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress is a very popular choice for people looking for a foam mattress and wanting to go with latex which is naturally sourced rather than memory foam which is synthetic.

Memory foam and latex mattresses are renowned for their ability to gently support the body in its natural shape without aggravating any pressure sensitive points, something that can make traditional inner spring mattresses very uncomfortable.

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This mattress is available in a range of bed sizes and consists of 3″ of Talalay Latex foam, with 1.5″ of super soft reflex foam and 5.5″ 2.35 pound high density convoluted base foam, all wof which combined together provide fantastic orthopedic support and comfort, soothing and controlled temperature balance and airflow and a very pleasant night’s sleep.

What’s more is you can even tailor the mattress to your preference or discuss it with the manufacturer after you order to get your mattress optimally configured to suit you. Look for the “Ask Chuck” button when ordering.

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Gel Foam Mattress

Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Foam Mattress Review

Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam MattressThe Ultimate Dreams Memory Foam Mattress is a very popular choice for people that are already aware of the benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Memory foams main drawback is that it retains heat. As such, particularly during warmer seasons. this may cause a bed to become uncomfortably warm. To combat this, the next evolution of memory foam mattresses including the 13″ Ultimate Dreams Memory Foam Mattress are infused with gel to help dissipate and regulate the level of heat in the mattress.

Since the mattresses release in 2013, it still remains a very popular choice for consumers due to its generous 13″ of foam, quality build and rave reviews.

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Pitched as a quality yet cost conscious alternative to the Tempur-Pedic Cloud-Luxe, it comes with a three foam layer construction. It has 3″ 4lb gel memory foam, 2″ 5lb memory foam and an 8″ base of premium base foam. The mattress is nicely finished off with a luxurious knitted cover.

The foam used in the mattress is CertiPUR-­US certified. This is a voluntary standard for quality assurance.  CertiPUR-­US certified foams are required to be low emission for indoor air quality.

They are manufactured without ozone depleters like chlorofluorocarbons. For safety they are also made without PBDE flame retardants, and for health they are made without mercury, lead and heavy metals.

They have been quality tested and approved for durability and performance.

The CertiPUR-US certification is not easy to get. The process is both rigorous and comprehensive, ensuring US consumers get a quality memory foam mattress.

You may also like to know that while most mattresses are made in China, for consumers that want to support their national economy, the Ultimate Dreams Memory Foam Mattress boats being 100% Made in USA with 100% Made in USA components.

DreamFoam Bedding Company

DreamFoam Bedding Warranty

Ultimate Dreams 13 Gel Memory Foam MattressThe DreamFoam Bedding Company ships all their mattresses with a 10 year warranty.

This is a bit shorter than we tend to see for memory foam mattresses, however, the experience of memory foam is that it has a very long life.

So while the mattress may only be covered by the warranty for 10 years, this does not mean that after that time that the mattress is no good. After 10 years, you may wish to purchase a new fresh mattress anyway.

Made In The USA

You will also find that the company prides itself on being one that can offer mattresses that are made in the USA from USA made parts, and even despite that being able to do this, they still offer their mattresses at competitive market leading prices.

It is clear that the products are delighting customers with the large number of customers that came back to leave a review online about their experience with the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress and the Ultimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Ultimate Dreams Mattress Review

This is a customer’s DreamFoam Bedding review of his Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress purchase. He takes you through from unpacking the mattress to his personal feelings about the mattress as well as expressing his satisfaction with it.